RI President 2018‐19 Barry Rassin. Message August 2018

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Ron D. Burton, Trustee Chair 2018-19

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District Governor Michel P. Jazzar

Message August 2018

Meet the District Team:

District Governor 2452

Michel P. Jazzar

Vice Governor

Farid E. Gebran

District Trainer

Ignace Moawad

District Secretary

David Zein

District Treasurer

Naim Bassil

District Conference OT

Jawad Mouawad

Dear friends,

In Rotary International, we celebrate August as a “Rotary Membership Month”. August is the reflection of our contributions that aim at greatly enhancing this organization that we are involved in, as well as, an incentive to motivate others to join Rotary. Are we only people of Action or people of achievements as well?

The District 2452 goals are listed below:

  1. Two new Rotary Clubs
  2. One Satellite Rotary Club
  3. 60 new members
  4. District Membership Seminar that would be conducted in Yerevan, Armenia, on the 30th of September 2018 by the M.D District chair PDG Nijad Al-Atassi and his dedicated team.

These mentioned goals and more would be elaborated by PDG Nijad in his message that is attached to the issue #2 of the GML.

The essence of Rotary is reflected in the desire of its members, the Rotarians. Those people who are successfully implementing community projects in the different fields of the Six Area of Focus using their skills and competences. Without Rotarians and their contributions to the community, it would be almost impossible to notice successful and sustainable projects through. Rotarians are those who don’t miss any opportunity to engage all their Rotary experiences in order to invigorate the clubs and consequently the organization.

During club meetings, it’s recommended to focus more on fellowship and cooperation amongst yourselves and to provide members with less Rotary experience with chunks of knowledge and skills, because what we really need is a group of highly qualified new members. Moreover, it is suggested to help them gain useful information and new ideas on implementing the club’s projects and thus offering their support in this respect. Equally important, it is necessary to engage the community by communicating the results of your initiatives through the existing tools. A strong team is that who exchange its fruitful experience faithfully and transparently within the new generations of its members, in order to serve better over the coming years.

You have plentiful resources at your disposal on the Rotary International website www.rotary.org, and on our District 2452 website http://www.rotaryd2452.org. Ask your country chairs for Membership Development subcommittees, as well as the Assistant Governors. It is also noted that the District Leadership Plan for RY 2018-2019 is posted on the District 2452 website, visit the website in order to download.

Don’t hesitate to discuss ideas that might come up in your minds during weekly club meetings. Invite the country trainer, the RLI Chair if a section is available in your country, to conduct a session on the subject of your choice. Through dialogue and action, we will achieve together and therefore fulfil the mission we took on when becoming Rotarians: to support the community, respond to needs, serve with joy and respect and be the inspiration!

With warmest regards

Michel P. Jazzar

District Governor 2018-2019

Rotary International District 2452

Theme of the month:

August 2018

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1-4 May 2019, Beirut Lebanon

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