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District Governor Michel P. Jazzar Message


6th Rotary District 2452 Conference for more info press here

Meet the District Team:

District Governor 2452

Michel P. Jazzar

Vice Governor

Farid E. Gebran

District Trainer

Ignace Moawad

District Secretary

David Zein

District Treasurer

Naim Bassil

District Conference OT

Jawad Mouawad

Dear friends,

In May, our thoughts, feelings and perhaps our actions, too, go toward the younger members of the Rotary family. In Rotary, May is the “Youth Service Month”.

Today, our district features all youth generation programs: Interact, Rotaract, RYLA, Rotary-day at UN, and Earlyact. The new born Earlyact club in Lebanon suggests that we are among the Rotarians willing to support and inspire the younger generation starting with its earliest stages of development.

There are many ways in which we can help develop talents, creativity and competences of young people, but more importantly we can help them not give up in achieving their goals. “Keep true to the dreams of youth” urged Friedrich Schiller. He said that more than two centuries ago, but the message has kept its depth of meaning and novelty, remaining more relevant than ever. As Rotarians, we can play an important role in supporting personal and professional progress of young people, by recognizing and respecting the diversity of their options and choices.

The quality of life for those of us who are now the front line of our Rotary clubs will depend on the fairness and value of the decisions of these young people, who will be fully fledged adults. It’s a responsibility and an opportunity to listen, support and guide them. We can introduce them to the personalities that will inspire them and become their role models.

At District 2452 level, we set many ways to support young people:

  • We invest in youth and this “investment” doesn't mean we are producing more Rotaract and Interact Clubs but making youth responsible towards their community.
  • We promote the first Earlyact in District 2452. Members attended the first Youth-day and catch the attention of the attendees.
  • We promote RYLA on District level through “Building Capacities” and facilitate the participation of young people in the team-building, communication and leadership workshops
  • We invite Rotaract and Interact members to join Rotarians in fund-raising initiatives, volunteering and district events to better get to know them and facilitate interaction, e.g. the Walk-A-Thon of Aley which brings together Rotary-Rotaract-Interact winning the first District prize for youth at the 6th D2452 Conference
  • We have encouraged New Generation to join Satellite Clubs as a step for a membership in the Rotary Club sponsor and to establish a new Rotary club.
  • Youth took part in the District 2452 project “Civic education" (Rotary values) for Peacebuilding (Positive peace). 15 Schools and schools of Art in 4 countries give schoolchildren’s creativity its entire means.

Unfortunately, we didn’t accomplish the NGSE_ New Generations_Service_Exchange between Jordan and Lebanon because of the failure in some logistics from the Lebanese side.

The Governor Monthly Letter of June 2019 will be entirely reserved for the 6th District 2452 Conference which was held in Beirut: Programs, resolutions, pictures, comments etc…

With deep friendship,
Michel P. Jazzar
Governor 2018‐2019
Rotary International District 2452