Barry Rassin,

RI President 2018‐19

Message March 2019

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Ron D. Burton,

Trustee Chair 2018-19

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District Governor Michel P. Jazzar Message


Seminar membership and Leadership in Cyprus for more info press here

Meet the District Team:

District Governor 2452

Michel P. Jazzar

Vice Governor

Farid E. Gebran

District Trainer

Ignace Moawad

District Secretary

David Zein

District Treasurer

Naim Bassil

District Conference OT

Jawad Mouawad

Dear Rotarian friends,

March has arrived! A new month, a new season.... I hope everyone has enjoyed winter and ready to welcome the spring with joy and high mood. In fact, the turning of the seasons reminds us that there are four months left of this Rotarian year, enough to fulfill our list of achievements for a successful year. Our district is strong, unique, united, due to each and every Rotarian.
March is “Water and sanitation month”. Clean, drinking water is anessential human need. When people, children in particular, have this need met, they live healthier and better. Nevertheless there are entire communities which lack access to water, a fundamental need for survival. Unfortunately, at least 3000 children die every day due to water-related diseases. Statistics, released three years ago,during the Global Summit on Water held in Sydney showed that approximately 2.5 billion people lack sanitation facilities and over 743 million lack access to drinking water.
Rotary projects do not only tackle, water-related issues, but they also address sanitation and hygiene facilities which duplicateour efforts to make a difference.This focus area is considered strategically important for RI in its campaign to eradicate polio worldwide. For example, more than 114 years ago one of the first Rotary projects was to install a public toilet.
Lebanon, one of the nine countries of District 2452, ended the project “Water and sanitation filtration” in governmental schools.

This project also aims to inform, raise awareness and educate the younger generation on the responsible consumption of water and to ensure personal and public health through hygiene. This 5 years project, which cost more of one million of USD, is one of the main instruments with which Rotarians from Lebanon and other countries of the District 2452 can achieve significant, long term impact in local communities. I would like to draw your attention to another aspect. This March we celebrate the first year after five decades since the first Rotaract club was chartered. In his presidential address, Barry Rassin emphasized the role of Rotaract as Rotary partners in service and the need to include Rotaract ideas and enthusiasm into our activities: “I believe we are going to see new ideas coming from Rotaract showing Rotary how important and how equal Rotaract is to Rotary”
Our District activity continues with major events that took place February or are scheduled to take place in March 2019:
1. District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) for AGs, DLP chairs with the participation of Senior Rotarians, 7th DCOT. This event took place on 15th, 16th and 17th of February 2019 in Resort of Dead Sea in Jordan under the RY 2019-2020 Theme “Rotary connects the world”.
2. Membership and Leadership Seminar and Polio fundraising dinner scheduled in Cyprus on the occasion of the 114th RI anniversary, 23 February. 15 Rotarians will be receiving their PHFs and more of 100 Rotarians interacting on best lessons and stories on membership and leadership.
3. PETS 2019, starting the month of March 2019 in all countries where presidents elect, secretaries, head of RC committees and the district team will attend training workshops If you are invited, I strongly encourage you to attend any of the two events in order to further strengthen the bonds among the Rotary family, to connect with fellows and to deliver value we must first invest in our own development and knowledge.
And! What else? Of course, the 6th District 2452 Conference will be held in Beirut, Lebanon between 1st and 4th of May 2019 at Hilton Habtoor Hotel. RI President Barry Rassin has appointed, the General Secretary of RI, Mr. John Hewko, as his representative, decision that turned our annual event to a strategic Conference dedicated for Youth as “Youth is our Future”.
The first Youth-Day conference is dedicated to New Generations, young professionals, young entrepreneurs, Rotaract and Interact. The sessions will start on the 1st of May @ 2:00pm till 5:00pm.
The District Conference which is under the High Patronage of HE the President of the Republic General Michel Aoun will start by the opening session at 5:30pm in the Conferences hall at Hilton Habtoor Hotel, venue of the 6th D2452 Conference.
Panels shall start on the 2nd of May and take end on the 4th of May with the closing ceremony. Breakout sessions are scheduled for the afternoon and will discuss: Inter Countries Committee and witness the signature of the Friendship Treaty between District 1660 -part of France and D2452.
Vocational Service session will be able to let four different professions gathering and raising recommendations to the District Conference. A guests/partners/spouses amazing program to Baalbeck with its roman temples and enjoy local cultural welcoming for visitors, Byblos-Jbeil, the oldest city of the Mediterranean sea with 6000 years old, Jeita Grotto one of new wonders of the world, the National Museum etc…
May we all have a wonderful spring and to be the inspiration!

With warmest regards,
Michel P. Jazzar Governor 2018-2019
Rotary International District 2452

Rotary clubs in Bahrain jointly celebrate Rotary International 114 years Anniversary
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